Management team

Johan Tingsborg, CEO and Group President, since 2015.

Born:  1961 

Education:  M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm.

Nationality:  Sweden

Other assignments:  Board Member of LightLab Operations AB, Bright Europe AB and owner of Tingsborg Technologies.

Background:  CEO and Board Member at Infineon Technologies Nordic AB, Kisel Core AB and Kisel Microelectronics AB.

Holdings:  77 170 B-Shares*

Jonas Tirén, Vice President and CTO, Since 2011.

Born:  1960 

Education:   M.Sc. in Engineering Physics and Ph.D. in Semiconductor & MEMS devices from Uppsala University.

Nationality:  Sweden

Other assignments:  Board Member of Tirén Technology AB.

Background:  Vice President and COO of Cypak AB, Program Manager Positioning at Infineon Technologies, CEO of Radi Medical Technologies, Director Operations and RF Modules of Ericsson Microelectronics.

Holdings:  72 411 B-shares*

Niclas Gavelin, CFO, since 2015.

Born:  1974 

Education:  B.Sc. in Business Administration from Umeå University.

Nationality:  Sweden

Other assignments: Board Member and CEO for Controllergruppen Sverige AB. Alternate Board Member of LightLab Operations AB and Bright Europe AB.

Background:  More than 18 years of professional experience in qualified accountant, financial director, financial and accounting consultant in large and small companies and groups of companies.

Holdings:  0 B-shares*

* The number of shares reflects holdings as per December 17, 2018, and includes holdings by related persons, For information on transactions made since December 17, 2018, please refer to   the website of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority