A growing market for UV light

Strong global trends are driving an increase in demand for sustainable technology that can provide more people with access to clean water, clean air and clean food products. LightLab has developed and patented a unique solution that uses UV light to reduce the level of bacteria in water, air, food and on surfaces. Our light sources are totally free of mercury and therefore better for both the environment and health.

UV light purifies water

Purification with the aid of UV light is an acknowledged, effective alternative to the chlorine-based water treatment solutions that have dominated the market. This is why the use of UV disinfection is becoming increasingly popular, both in Sweden and in the rest of the world. Mercury lamps have so far been the dominant technology for generating UV light, thanks to their high energy efficiency and long useful life. But the mercury content, long start-up time and strong temperature dependence all mean that these kinds of lamps are less interesting in consumer-oriented systems. This is where LightLab’s technology and solutions excel.

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UV light keeps food fresh

One totally new application is UV treatment in white goods and household appliances. UV light enables food that is stored in a fridge to last for up to one week longer. This can bring enormous savings in the form of significantly reduced volumes of food waste. According to the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), it is estimated that every year one third of all food produced for consumption is thrown away.

Traditional mercury-based UV lamps are usually not suitable for installation in consumer goods.

Other areas of application

UV light can also be used to clean the air of microorganisms that can cause respiratory problems or to clean surfaces used to handle or transport food.

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