About LightLab

LightLab Sweden AB develops, markets and offers a unique technology that is sustainable and cost-effective. The focused applications are UV disinfection of water, air and surfaces. The core technology EEE Light®, consists of material and process technology for cost efficient manufacturing of nanostructures combined with innovative electronics solutions.

Business concept

  • LightLab shall offer energy and cost-efficient technology without the use of mercury and other hazardous materials.
  • The Company's offer is based on the development of a patented technology for cost-effective production of nanostructures, combined with electronics solutions.


LightLab shall significantly contribute to a better environment by developing world-leading nanotechnology, which enables products with high sustainability in combination with attractive technology properties.

Business model

LightLab's revenues will mainly be generated by: 

  • Licensing all or part of the Company's patented technology platform.
  • Revenues related to cooperation for development of new products.
  • Sales of components such as cathode and drive unit developed by the Company.