Industrial applications – Chemical-free water purification with mercury-free UV lamps

The market for UV disinfection that besides water treatment also includes air, food & beverage and surface treatment, is today valued at more than $ 1 billion with an estimated long-term CAGR of 15%. A significant share of this market can be addressed with the core components that the company can provide for an UV disinfection system. The future trends and market drivers are:

  • UV disinfection has many advantages compared to chemical based water purification since it is an environmentally friendly alternative, is more effective against certain microorganisms and is safer to handle,
  • Increased demand for water treatment in developed nations,
  • Increased contamination of drinking water and increased need for clean potable water in the world,
  • Rapid global industrialization, and
  • Increased R&D innovations together with stringent requirements and regulations for water and air purification.

The market is characterized by a relatively large numbers of vendors, both small and large companies in the value chain, including everything from development companies to larger installers of the complete system. Because of the relatively intense competition in this market, it is necessary for the system suppliers to continuously deliver a unique and clear product and service. This needs has in turn created an opportunity for LightLab, that in a collaborative project develop an UV-lamp as an alternative to the currently dominating technology with mercury based lamps.

Effective disinfection using UV lamps occurs in the wavelength range of 200 to 280 nanometers, the so-called UVC-area. It has so far proved to be a challenge for the LED technology to create an effective UV lamp in the UVC-area, which is also evidenced that its share in the market is almost non-existent. The company's judgment is that there is a very good market potential to developed a UVC-lamp based on LightLab’s EEE Light® technology.