EEE Light® UV Boost™

EEE Light® UV Boost™ has been developed to increase the light yield and thereby the energy efficiency of UV light sources by means of what is known as light extraction technology. Our patented nanostructured cathode coating increases the output power of existing UV lamps and UV transparent protective glass by up to 15% at a wavelength of 254 nm.


  • Improves UV transmission by up to 15% at a wavelength of 154 nm
  • Verified for several different kinds of glass
  • Robust, stable and chemically resistant
  • Cost-efficient wet coating process
  • Performance verified by third party 

Examples of performance

UV Output increase  @254nm


+ 6%

                           2x Quartz (lamp+sleeve)


                           Soft Glass




Temperature tolerance

up to 450°C

Evaluation service

For a charge, LightLab offers an evaluation service for the UV Boost™ technology. Feel free to contact us if you are interested. Please use the form below.

The actual evaluation process starts when you send your product samples to us. We coat the samples, produce a report with comparative measurements (before/after coating) and return the samples to you for verification.