EEE Light® UV Boost™

This groundbreaking UV nanostructured coating by LightLab improves UV output of existing UV lamps as well as sleeves and UV transparent protective windows by up to 15% at 254nm. The coating technology has been developed for cost efficient large scale manufacturing and is easily added to existing production lines.

The technology in short

  • Improves UV transmission up to 15% at 254nm
  • Verified for several different types of glass
  • Rugged, stable and chemically resistant
  • Cost efficient wet coating process
  • Performance verified by 3rd parties

Application examples

  • UV Lamps
  • Sleeves
  • Protective windows

 Typical performance

UV Output increase  @254nm


+ 6%

                           Soft Glass




Temperature tolerance

up to 450°C

Evaluation service

LightLab is offering an evaluation service for the UV Boost™ technology, where interested customers send samples to LightLab. LightLab will coat the samples, issue a report with comparative measurements (before/after coating) and return the samples for customer verification.

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