EEE Light® UV Boost™

This groundbreaking UV nanostructured coating improves UV output of existing UV lamps, sleeves and UV transparent windows by up to 15% at 254nm. It has been extensively evaluated at 254nm using standard mercury low pressure lamps (LP Hg lamps). This proprietary layer is made with a simple wet chemical coating process followed by a short heat treatment. It has excellent adhesion and withstands repeated chemical cleaning. Patent applications are filed. The coating technology has been developed for cost efficient, large scale manufacturing and is easily added to existing production lines for UVC light sources.

Performance has been verified on soft glass (soda lime), borosilicate and quartz/fused silica. Typical results are shown below, obtained by inserting a LP Hg lamp into the glass tube, with and without the UV coating. To simulate a UVC lamp with a surrounding sleeve, measurements on the improvement using two concentric tubes has been performed as well.

 Typical performance

UV Output increase  @254nm


+ 6%

                           2x Quartz (lamp+sleeve)


                           Soft Glass




Temperature tolerance

up to 450°C

Key technology advantages and features 

  • Improves UV transmission by up to 15% at 254nm
  • Verified for different types of glass
  • Tough, stable and chemically resistant
  • Cost efficient wet coating process
  • Performance verified by 3rd parties
  • Improvement maintained during fouling

Customer benefits

  • Energy savings
  • Lower system cost
  • Lower operational costs
  • Less maintenance
  • Increased germicidal capacity

Potential applications

  • UV Lamps
  • Sleeves
  • Protective windows
  • Water disinfection systems
  • Air-con systems
  • Food processing
  • Curing systems

Evaluation service

LightLab is offering an evaluation service for the UV Boost™ technology, where interested customers send samples to LightLab. LightLab will coat the samples, issue a report with comparative measurements (before/after coating) and return the samples for customer verification.

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