EEE Light® UV disinfection product brief

This new UV technology by LightLab offers large benefits as compared to conventional UV sources. It is uniquely suited for intermittent applications where secure levels of disinfection are of importance.

Its performance opens up new applications that earlier have been impeded by disadvantages of conventional UV light sources.


  • Sustainable - 100% Mercury free
  • Immediate turn-on – no delay
  • High germicidal efficiency
  • Reduced cost of ownership
  • Simplifies system design
  • -20°C – +80°C operating range
  • Excellent spectral properties
  • Intelligent driver / ballast


  • PoU and PoE water disinfection systems
  • Air conditioners
  • Drinking fountains
  • Surface disinfection systems
  • Curing

This sustainable UVB/UVC technology is completely free from toxic materials such as Mercury, removing significant barriers and cost adders when used in systems where water, beverages, food etc. would risk contamination associated with a possible system failure.

With a proven ability to reach full UVC output within milliseconds, the EEE Light® technology is ideal for applications where intermittent operation is used, saving system power and effectively extending lifetime, reducing service needs and cost of ownership.

The superior germicidal effectiveness - achieving 99.999999% reduction (“log8”).

The EEE Light® technology offers very low temperature dependency, facilitating applications from subzero temperatures to 80°C, without any significant deterioration of performance.

The spectral properties are selected to give an excellent fit towards the E.coli response curve and the DNA absorption curve, reducing or even eliminating re-activation while exhibiting no emission below 240nm.

The UVB/UVC light source is supported by an intelligent drive unit, including precise constant power control and a Bluetooth enabled control app.