EEE Light® Technology licensing programme

We offer a number of different options for licensing our EEE Light® Technology platform.

Our offering includes: a technology platform and key components, a license for all or part of the technology platform, complete reference design and partial system/subsystem. You also have access to our comprehensive technical competence.

The following licensing programmes are currently available for EEE Light® Technology:

System Reference Design

LightLab’s System Reference Design programme offers all or parts of our unique EEE Light® Technology platform.

Cathode Component

We provide our patented, nanostructured cathode component. This unique semiconductor provides superior lighting properties, high energy efficiency and a long useful life.

Cathode Licensing

The Cathode Licensing programme provides opportunities for the profitable and efficient manufacturing of our nanostructured semiconductor cathodes.

Electronics Reference Design

We also offer licensing opportunities for the design of our electronics. Our proprietary design solution provides a high-volume solution with outstanding energy efficiency.

Feel free to contact us if you would like more information about our licensing programme.

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