A smarter UV light

LightLab’s unique technology has several benefits compared with existing solutions for the treatment of water, air and surfaces.

Lower energy consumption, no wasted water

Depending on their size, mercury lamps require a warming-up period of 1-5 minutes before full effect is achieved. This is not a problem for large systems that run continuously, but for small installations it is inefficient. If you want to pour a glass of water from a tap, it is not practical to wait 1-5 minutes before the water can be drunk. It also means that a lot of water is wasted. Many users therefore leave mercury lamps switched on constantly, increasing energy consumption and also shortening the useful life of the light source.

The table below shows an example in which we compared LightLab’s UV technology with a traditional mercury lamp (Hg lamp).

Dishes, 2 times/day
Drinking water, 10 l/day
Hand wash, 20 times/day
Lightlab Hg lamp
Energy per year (kWh) 1.2 79
Expected lamp lifetime >10 years 1 year

(Table from AR 2016)

Full design freedom

The mercury lamps used today are usually tubular. LightLab’s technology does not have the same limitation, which gives the system manufacturer freedom to choose the physical form of the light source.