Smart UVC disinfection for a brighter future

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Making hygiene a top priority

The recent outbreak of the global pandemic has brought a heightened focus on keepings things clean – at home, at work, and everywhere else. Along with general matters such as social distancing and proper hand hygiene, disinfection is one of the best ways to protect yourself and others against disease.


Shining a light on disinfection

Ultraviolet light effectively destroys bacteria, viruses and other germs by destroying their DNA. The UV light disinfection technology offered by LightLab is entirely chemical free, which makes it a truly sustainable choice.


PureFize® – adapt to a new world

LightLab’s new UV disinfection technology is called PureFize®. It is totally mercury-free and effectively destroys all germs in matters of minutes or even seconds. Check out the latest scientific report.

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License to kill germs

At LightLab, we truly believe in making disinfection part of our daily life and we’ll gladly help to you integrate the PureFize UV disinfection technology into your chosen product design. Contact us to learn about our licensing options.

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