Applications for PureFize® UV disinfection technology

Disinfect surface, food, liquids and air

PureFize® can be used to disinfect all kinds of surfaces (including food), liquids and air. The light sources can be integrated into practically any design. Below you will find some of the possible applications for our UV disinfection technology.

UV disinfection at home

No matter how well we clean, our homes are full of bacteria, germs, dirt, and all kinds of invisible particles. You might think that the germiest place in your home is the toilet, but the trophy actually goes to the kitchen sponge. With 10 million bacteria per square inch, the kitchen sponge hosts 200,000 times more germs than a toilet seat. Other kitchen items that harbor lots of germs are the reservoir in your coffee maker, the vegetable drawer in the fridge, cutting boards, salt & pepper shakers and pet bowls.

In the bathroom, the germs flourish in the toothbrush holder and on the soap pump. In other rooms, you’ll find germ magnets such as cell phones, remote controls, keys and pens.  These are objects normally shared among family members and house guests which makes transference easy.

Disinfection boxes

disinfection boxes for smaller electronics

PureFize UV light sources can be easily integrated into disinfection boxes for smaller electronics such as cell phones and remote controls or hygiene items such as combs and toothbrushes. Larger boxes can accommodate items such as laptops, keyboards and tablets.

Integrated solutions

Integrated solutions for fridge

Our light sources can also be built into numerous home appliances, such as refrigerators or dishwashers.

In a refrigerator, the low internal temperature prevents bacterial growth. Eventually, however, bacteria will start affecting the stored food. PureFize light sources are easily adaptable for installation inside conventional refrigerators to prevent food spoilation by destroying the microorganisms.

Incorporating PureFize UV chips can effectively prevent bacterial growth and keep the dishwashers permanently hygienic.

There are many other possible applications for PureFize. Contact us if you want to discuss an idea.

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UV disinfection in the office

A lot of us spend quite many hours of our lives in the office, and our hands come in contact with a lot of items that aren’t the most sanitary. Keyboards, mouses, tablets, pens and coffee mugs are some of the places with abundant germ life. All of them are perfectly suited for UV disinfection with PureFize. PureFize can be integrated into boxes of different sizes for smaller and larger electronics. It can also easily be built into cupboards and drawers.

We believe that proper cleaning and disinfecting the office is an important part of increasing office wellbeing and making everybody feel safe coming in to work. In the age of pandemics, we need not only be smarter about how we use our shared spaces, but also make use of the technology available to minimize the risk of infection.

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UV disinfection in restaurants

While personal hygiene of restaurant workers and proper preparation and storage of food are critical, UV disinfection can also help restaurants with safety issues. 

In restaurants, there are lots of items that get touched by many hands every day. PureFize can be used for disinfection of menus, coasters, cutlery, salt and pepper shakers, card readers, trays, etc. Our UV light sources can also be integrated into kitchen drawers, cupboards and white goods.

UVC light is also completely safe for use on food, leaves no surface residue, and will not chemically alter food products.

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UV disinfection in retail and logistics

Purefize - Disinfection in retail

The retail sector is a typical area of high frequency contact between both customers and staff. High-touch areas such as barcode scanners, card readers and scoops have a high risk of transmitting germs.

Barcode scanners are also widely used in warehouse processes, where they are typically shared between workers.

PureFize UV light sources can be used to disinfect such frequently touched items. They can also be integrated into coolers, salad bars, food displays, storage cabinets, etc.

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UV disinfection in food production

UV disinfection in food production

Our UVC light sources can be used as a highly effective, non-toxic and residue-free disinfecting method for fresh produce, such as fruits and vegetables or bread, before packaging to ensure freshness, reduce food contamination and increase shelf life and storage time.

UVC radiation has been shown not only to preserve fresh fruit and vegetables, but also to improve the nutritional value of tomatoes and increase the antioxidant compounds level in blueberries.

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Other applications

example in HVAC systems

The PureFize technology can also be used to disinfect air and liquids, for example in HVAC systems or for water purification.

Many studies have demonstrated that HVAC systems are viable reservoirs of harmful bacteria and mold. By integrating PureFize UV chips into the system you can not only ensure the elimination of microorganisms but also increase product life. Our light sources can be installed to target sensitive and problem-prone components such as cooling coils or filters.

PureFize has also the potential to replace mercury-based UV lamps in water disinfection or be integrated in cases where conventional UV-lamps have been unsuitable. PureFize UV chips are small and can fit into more compact appliances. In addition, they power on with no warm-up period and can be cycled off/on infinitely.


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