Once again, PureFize is in the news. New test results prove it reduces bacteria in one minute and that it is effective at any temperature. Potential benefits in food preservation and the role UVC lighting has to play in future refrigerators and pantries are also explored this month.

PureFize achieves maximum bacterial reduction in just one minute

New studies made by The University of Siena shows that PureFize can reach maximum detectable reduction faster than previously known.

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“PureFizing bread” - The potential for UVC in food preservation

We recently conducted a few simple tests of PureFize technology to demonstrate how it could be used to prolong the lifetime of food, with a focus on bread. The test showed clear results in improving shelf life by preventing bacterial growth and mold.

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Minus 20 to plus 120°C – PureFize delivers 100% in all conditions

LightLabs latest tests reveal that temperature has very little, if any, impact on the efficiency of PureFize. This result expands its area of use since our customers do not have to worry about temperature when integrating PureFize.

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UVC solutions for food security and less waste

The application area of UVC lighting is broad and one of the areas where it has the greatest potential is food preservation and storage. UVC light can keep harmful bacteria away from our food and make it stay fresh, longer. This will lead to less food waste, and less sugar will be needed for preservation purposes. Public health will also be improved. We talked to Matilda Marshall, a researcher at Örebro University who studies food consumption, perceptions of sustainability and food storage.

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If you are interested in learning more about this revolutionary technology, visit www.purefize.com or contact us directly.

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