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Unique UVC light sources for various disinfection needs

LightLab’s mission is integrating disinfection into everyday life. Although pandemics are hardly new to our world, the COVID-19 outbreak has put a tremendous focus on the rising problem of germicidal spread across the world.

We believe that modern science can be an incredible force for good. Using latest innovation, we develop safe and effective solutions that help protect people from harmful exposure to bacteria, viruses and germs.

PureFize® – germicidal UVC at its best

We have developed a unique UVC disinfection technology called PureFize®. PureFize is totally mercury-free and builds on the principle of field emission in a nanostructured environment.

Field emission is discharge of electrons from the surface of a material due to the presence of a strong electric field. The electrons strike the inside of a lamp glass coated with light powder (luminescent layer) and a very thin conductive layer, creative light. The properties of the light, such as wavelength, are controlled by the light powder.

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The perfect spectrum

PureFize creates a unique UVC light that provides the perfect germicidal spectrum. The wavelength peaks at 262 nm* which is when germs best absorb UV light and exceptionally high degrees of germicidal reduction (>99.999999%) can be reached very rapidly. The unique broadness of the spectrum (as seen in the diagram) means that all bacteria, viruses and other germs are destroyed beyond repair. 

* Kowalski, W. "Ultraviolet Germicidal Handbook. UVGI for Air and Surface Disinfection." Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, 2009, p.17

PureFize provides the perfect germicidal spectrum.

Other benefits of PureFize

Truly sustainable
PureFize is a totally mercury-free UVC light. No materials or substances harmful to the environment are used during manufacturing. The entire light source can be treated just like ordinary electronic waste.

Minimized thermal heating
PureFize minimizes thermal heating that often occurs in other technologies when increasing power to compensate for poor energy efficiency.

Wide working temperature
PureFize has a wide working temperature ranging from -20 to +100°C. This makes it very reliable as outer conditions (heat or cold) or small confined areas that easily overheat do not jeopardize the result. You can always be 100 % sure that the item is properly disinfected.

Freedom of design
With PureFize, the need for any thermal management can be avoided. Thus, you can integrate PureFize into any design.

Instant on/off
Some UVC-technologies require a warm-up and cool-off time, whereas PureFize starts and stops instantly. This makes it suitable for applications that require frequent or instant disinfection.

The PureFize component kit comes with the light source and driver (optional) facilitating integration. No additional components are needed, just plug’n’play.

Ready for volume production
PureFize is designed for high-volume production. The relatively low investments for setting up large scale manufacturing provide low cost benefits.

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What the scientists say

PureFize is a one-of-a-kind technology. But don’t take our word for it. Check out the latest scientific report here. As more results become published, we will add them. Subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest news.


Disinfect anything

PureFize can be used to sanitize surfaces, food, liquids and air. Both small and larger installations are possible. Learn more about the application areas.


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