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The PureFize® UVC disinfection technology has many areas of application. Depending on your needs, we offer a range of products and services to help you best integrate our technology into your new product.

PureFize® UVC chip

The PureFize UVC chips are designed for easy integration with a proven high germicidal effectiveness. They deliver a broad UVC spectrum with the main peak at 262 nm*. All technical details are available in the documents listed for download below.

* Kowalski, W. "Ultraviolet Germicidal Handbook. UVGI for Air and Surface Disinfection." Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, 2009, p.17



PureFize® Driver 500 mW

Our PureFize Driver 500 mW is developed and intended for use with the PureFize UVC light sources. This driver is necessary to guarantee the functionality, performance and reliability of the light source. Read more in the product sheet that can be downloaded below.


Development kits

Are you interested in trying out our technology? We offer a development kit allowing you to validate PureFize in your product. The kit contains one PureFize UVC chip and the PureFize driver.

Purefize Development Kit

Disinfection Design Simulation (DDS)

If you are interested in integrating PureFize into your product, we can help you perform all the simulations of radiation distribution necessary to assess the number of light sources needed and their optimal placement. Our Disinfection Design Simulation (DDS) tools can model the UV light source irradiance, the reflective enclosure and the total UV dose delivered to accurately evaluate the germicidal effect of the device in the real environment.

Simulating the performance of your UV system:

  • How much irradiance is needed for the desired germicidal effect?
  • How many UV chip light sources are needed?
  • What is their optimal placement?

What levels and how fast can disinfection be reached?Our DDS services considerably shorten product development times as the design can be modified immediately in the 3D CAD system and time-consuming test set-ups in the laboratory are reduced to a minimum.


Product Brief: PureFize UVC light sources - D000264 revG

Datasheet: PureFize UVC chip – D000481 RevC

Datasheet: PureFize Driver 500 mW – D000521 RevB

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